Choosing Mountain Bike Wheels With Tubes or Without?

The vast majority of mountain bike wheels that you come across nowadays will either be the conventional variety that come with tubes or they’ll be the new ‘tubeless’ types of wheels. Although the conventional type of wheels are still more popular, there are some advantages of using ‘tubeless’ mountain bike wheels too!

Advantage of Tubeless Mountain Bike Wheels

Tubeless mountain bike wheels have one big advantage when it comes to biking: They are more protected and less likely to puncture. Considering mountain biking will take you across a wide range of terrain and some of it will certainly be rough on your wheels, this is a big point in favor of tubeless wheels.

On top of that, wheels of this variety also have easily adjustable tire pressure which means that you can switch between low or high pressure depending on the terrain that you’re on without too much hassle. By doing this, you can maximize the traction that you’re able to acquire on various types of terrain.

But despite these advantages, there is one big limiting factor when it comes to opting for tubeless wheels too.

Cost and Replacement

Despite the fact that tubeless wheels are a lot less likely to puncture and should need replacing less often – they are a lot more expensive too replace. With normal mountain bike wheels that have tubes, replacing the inner tube is a relatively cheap affair and the outer wheel isn’t going to be all that expensive either.

On the other hand the same cannot be said of tubeless wheels and you’ll find that the expense of replacing them stacks up very fast. If you happen to be unlucky and puncture your wheels in quick succession then you could very well find that the bill is much more than you hoped it would be.

Choosing Sooner Rather Than Later

Because both types of wheels have their pros and cons it may be tempting to put off making the decision until a later date. Unfortunately this isn’t a luxury that most people have because the truth is that it is difficult and expensive to switch between these two different types of wheels.

As such, this is a decision that you’ll want to make as soon as possible and then stick with it at least in the short term!

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of tubeless wheels compared to the conventional wheels with tubes should help to make that decision a little bit easier. To spell it out in simple terms: If you can afford them, tubeless wheels are a great option, but if you can’t then conventional wheels will be just as good in almost every respect.

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