Top 3 Best Wireless Chargers For The iPhone X

With the new generation of iPhones came a must anticipated feature: the wireless charging.

That doesn’t mean we are do not use power lines but for for the first time it is possible charging your iPhone device without connection any cables to it.

Here are out picks for the best Wireless Chargers For The iPhone X:

Anker’s PowerPort wireless charging pad

You’ll love it because it’s quick, inexpensive, and can easily be placed on the corner of your bedside table, or wherever else in your home you need some power. Anker is well-known for its high-quality, affordable tech accessories, so you can rest assured this won’t fry your phone like those sketchy $7 charging pads from Alibaba.

The Charging Lamp

This is a lamp … but also a wireless charging mat. It can charge up to two devices while lighting up the room. Perfect for your bedside table, or on the cover of a Scandinavian design magazine. Take your pick.

Available at Ikea

charging stand from TYLT

This wireless charging stand from TYLT is the perfect accessory for your dreary workplace desk. The TYLT Vu cradles your phone at a 45-degree angle that’s perfect for aimlessly scrolling through your timeline while checking the clock. That fact that it comes in cute colors and angles so you can check it while you work are nice bonuses.



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